Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Nexus One Vs the Apple IPhone

Google Nexus One Vs the Apple IPhone

There has been considerable comparisons being done between the latest offering from Google Nexus One and Apple Iphone but there are some significant features that makes Nexus One the clear winner.

Google Apps

There have been a lot of problems using some of the Google Apps on Iphone from compatability to Apple delibrately blocking Google Apps but Nexus is build on Anaroid And the compatability is exellent and this new device is much more faster- Gmail, Maps, and Google Voice in particular run quite fast on Nexus One.

The installation of Google Voice on Android is simple and you have to just cconfirm a few easy options and its ready to go.

Third Party Apps

On this front Apple may be having an edge with several applications which have been up and running for quite some time but with Google pushing Open Source Anaroid and Apps it may be just a matter of time before Google overtakes Apple on this front as well.

Besides this the fact that Google Phone comes unlocked and is build on Open Source may be too much for Apple to handle.........and don't forget the marketing musle of Google...........

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